Healthy teeth. So to keep your teeth healthy

MaskDentists when they talk approximately a diseases of a teeth, note that in ancient minutes people ate differently: you were ripping teeth and bite hard and hard diet food, not hot and not cold-blooded - how it was in a Stone Age.Minutes keep changed, there were civilizations, change and fresh food: men have learned to cook, and how - currently in different cuisines of the world diet food so much that you may not even be mentioned, let alone to try. Enjoy a tasting of dishes we love, but it's similar our teeth?It appears, too: even now the people living in close proximity to nature (we consider them "wild" tribes), a teeth are destroyed much less: at most - 20% of cases, then in later years. In civilized countries, on a contrary, is very hard to find anyone who would be healthy and strong all his teeth, and his own, and not implanted. A impression is that our teeth is nothing to do, and they atrophy - because a teeth were created by nature, not alone for the nice smiles.A porridge and broth, hot coffee and ice cream, chocolate, and gentle white bread may be eaten and not too healthy teeth - that we do not take the time to inspect the dentist and brushing our teeth, anyhow - because time is ever short. And when the tooth is destroyed, then in its place does not grow a new one: even though the animals broken teeth grow again, we are in this respect no luck.Same posts:Cover Face care teenagersMask Skin care every timeMask Facials and masks aging body 40 years. .

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Exercises for Neck skin

CoverA 1-st exercisePull her lips and hard articulating, say 3 letters - "O-U-I." This exercise strengthens the broad neck muscle.A second exercise - "a mirror"Sit in front of the mirror, put the fingers of one mitt just below a collarbone, his other hand - on a chin. Lower down a corners of his mouth (as if anyone express a contempt), the tense muscles of the neck skin. Hand will feel a muscle tension. The mirror will be seen as the skin on a neck skin rises.Strain alternately relax the muscle and its. Repeat this exercise TWO-3 minutes part of a carefully.Attention of the neck - Nutritious covers at home. Neck skin massotherapyCare of the neck.

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As to prevent a externality of freckles

CoverIt turns out that in February, want start taking care of that freckles are not there. Before you go out, specifically on a sunny time, you claim to wipe a skin with strong brewed green milk, and then apply a sunscreen with big SPF.Striking makeup, It is possible to use the powder and concealer - they will better defend the facial skin from the sun, but too thick to apply yet must not be.Similar posts:Cover Skin care without serumCover Facial '24Cover Facials aging body later 30. . . . .

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Moisturizing Masks for skin Mask

MaskMoisturizing facials and masks covers are vital for very dry, dehydrated, sensitive and flaky skin, however it instantly hydrate a skin and restore organic moisture balance and skin how well however soften and restore facial skin elasticity and suppleness. Hydrating cover done from natural products (dairy, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, etc.) and are the perfect addition to creams. They saturate a face with vitamins and other nutrients. Their treatment is useful for all face types. But they are essential for mature, aging facial skin that needs a unique ingredients that can erase the traces of time: cut skin wrinkles, restore and renew the skin, to charge her extra energy. Hydrating cover from a producer recommended 3-4 times a week, home hydrating cover - each time.Alike posts:Cover Skin care in 25 yearsMask Facial after 30Cover Facial skin maintenance tips beautician.

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